Trevor Casperson has helped a wide variety of people with their legal issues. He has helped clients understand their case and feel confident in their choices. His efforts, preparation and passion impressed his clients and have kept them coming back. So here are few testimonials from past clients:

Trevor was very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. It was great to work with him on my case because he always listened to my concerns and was able to answer my questions… I had to go through a divorce which was not fun or easy but I was able to get through it relatively quickly and successfully because of Trevor’s excellent help. — Matt

Trevor’s professional characteristics are the recipe for a superstar attorney. I have worked professionally in law as a consultant and have been represented by many attorneys. Between working with attorneys professionally and having been represented by a number of attorneys, I have been privy to the professional characteristics of no less 40 lawyers. Many of those lawyers are considered the best in their field. Others have cases worth in the billions of dollars. Nevertheless, I would prefer to have Trevor over any of those other attorneys. I have already hired him for a second case and hope to be able to call on him if I ever have need of a lawyer in any capacity in the future.

— David

Trevor helped me understand my petition from the other party that I received and gave me the understanding of what my rights were as far as child custody, child support etc. He was very helpful and kept in contact constantly to let me know what was going on.  — Rachel

[He] came to the court very prepared and ready to work. His arguments were unbelievably well written and spoken… I would work with him again.  — Joseph

Trevor is very thorough and gets the job done! I feel very comfortable and confident that my case will win with him as my attorney! — Amanda

I am so grateful to have found such a kind and hardworking lawyer to help me through this very difficult time. I could not have done it without him. — Hanna

One of the most realistic, and diligent attorneys; I have ever dealt with. I had a No proof of insurance case, and since there was the possibility of jail time, I was overcome with stress. I looked at some lawyers profile- some with so-called experts in traffic law; sporting fancy websites. Trevor is plain, and to the point. Straightforward, and honest. He gave me options and advice. He didn’t ignore me like other attorneys. He’s now on speed dial in case any of my friends needs his services. Thanks Trevor. — Moses

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